Synchrony Tokenomics

The Synchrony token shall have the name $SCY and the total initial supply is 1,000,000,000.00 SCY — no more shall ever be minted.


We at Synchrony believe DeFi is the future for finance, and more importantly, we believe that Synchrony will be one of the cornerstones of DeFi. To show our dedication to the long term success of Synchrony we are vested on a thirty-six (36) month timeline — three (3) years. Team tokens are locked for the first year and then vested evenly every month thereafter. 15% of the total supply of $SCY is allocated as team tokens. Team tokens are not only for the core team, although they will receive the majority of this allocation, but also for future team members thus helping the team to scale.


Building Synchrony has been a labour of love for the team. Although we have learnt a tremendous amount and applied that to developing the protocol and designing the overarching strategy necessary to execute the project, it would not have been possible without the help of our advisors, all of whom have guided the project from inception to delivery and will continue to do so into the future. To ensure that advisors maintain an interest that is aligned with the long-term goals of the project, advisory tokens will be vested on the same schedule as team tokens. 5% of the total supply of $SCY is allocated for advisors.


Our seed round investors have supported the project from day 1, helping guide the product and ensuring a product market fit, we recognize the time and effort each of our principal investors has dedicated to Synchrony and their vesting schedule and token price reflect that. To align our seed investors with the longevity of the project seed round tokens are vested on a fifteen (15) month timeline, 5% of which are unlocked upon TGE. 1/15 of the remaining vested tokens are emitted each month thereafter on the same day of the month as the Token Generation Event. 3% of the total supply of $SCY is allocated to the seed round and the token price is USD 0.02.


Our private round investors have been chosen for specific value adds which they have brought and will continue to bring to the project. The Synchrony team has spent a great deal of time identifying the right partners and we believe our cap table shows the time and care we have taken to choose said partners. The private round metrics reflect how much we value our partners, ensuring a degree of fairness between private and seed by reducing the vesting period and granting a larger portion unlocked upon TGE. Private round tokens are vested on a twelve (12) month timeline, 10% of which are emitted on the date of the Token Generation Event. 1/12 of the remaining vested tokens are emitted each month thereafter on the same day of the month as the Token Generation Event. 12% of the total token supply is allocated to the private round and the token price is USD 0.03.


The most important part of any project is the community backing it. Investors come and go and often assist many projects thus limiting the attention they can give any one project; however, the community is what supports the project in the long term — helping to grow the community and driving the project forward. We want our community to feel just as special as our investors. As such, we endeavored to ensure that the ratio of public sale tokens was as close to 2:1 in their favor as possible. We also made sure that the token price didn’t outright favor private round investors — following a logical increase keeping in mind that there is no vesting period for public sale tokens. Thus, public sale tokens will have no vesting period — 100% of public tokens are unlocked upon TGE. 2.5% of the total supply is allocated for public sale tokens which will have an initial token price of USD 0.04.


Ecosystem token allocation is to ensure and encourage a vibrant community. Ecosystem token allocation is specifically used to support partnerships, grants, and development programs. A longer time horizon was chosen to ensure that growth remains constant allowing Synchrony and its community to mature and foster innovative and meaningful partnerships. 12% of the total token supply is allocated for ecosystem growth vested over a twelve (12) month period with linear vesting.


Liquidity token allocation primarily serves the function of maintaining liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges — Synchrony plans to list on at least three (3) centralized exchanges as well as Raydium, Orca and Serum within two (2) months of TGE. 10% of the total token supply is allocated for liquidity vesting linearly over one (1) month.


Community token allocation is for user acquisition, engagement and management. 6% of the total token supply is allocated for community growth vested linearly over a twelve (12) month period.


Reserve allocation may be utilized in any of the aforementioned areas for which there may be a shortfall due to unforeseen circumstances or increased demand. Reserve allocation may also be used for any further raise Synchrony requires specific to cross-chain integrations. 5% of the total token supply is allocated for the reserve vested linearly over a twelve (12) month period.


Synchrony’s protocol accounts for staking with an initially inflationary model with a decreasing rate until a terminal floor is reached. This is necessary for rapid initial growth of the protocol and to bootstrap liquidity. 29.5% of the total token supply is allocated for staking vested linearly over a twelve (12) month period.
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