$SCY Community TGE Update

To Our $SCY Fam,


We have made a decision with the confidence of our investors and advisors to move our TGE (Token Generation Event) date to the beginning of the new year, officially set for January 5th, 2022. We will launch with multiple DEX & CEX listings on January 05, 2022 (01/05/22). This was not an easy decision for us to make, but strategically deploying on the 5th of January in light of the recent stability issues was the safest course of action to secure a successful and stable launch for the community. We have chosen Solana for very specific reasons, and we must protect the ecosystem we’re building on too. The quality, and safety, of our launch is tantamount to our success, and this was necessary to ensure this; we want the most successful launch possible, especially for our IDO participants from Solanium & SolRazr and all our community members.


We will be releasing our Synchrony dashboard in the interim before January 5th, a free tool for the entire ecosystem to use for wallet tracking and insights. We will also be running community events and competitions with rewards, hosting and participating in AMAs, and making announcements of partnerships and features along the way. We are working hard behind the curtains to meet expectations of every single one of you. Furthermore we will be offering staking on the Synchrony dApp immediately after TGE, so as to provide a Synchrony-specific space for our community to utilize their $SCY while we continue building.


The Synchrony team is doing this with our community, investors, and partner’s best interests in mind and heart. As a reminder, for all those who participated in our IDOs on Solanium & SolRazr, we will be deploying a special airdrop-campaign to show our gratitude after TGE and our DEX & CEX listings — details to be announced in the coming weeks.


The entire team will remain ever-present in our chat channels, and we will be continuing our Fireside Chat Series (Community AMAs), hosting competitions and giveaways, and providing insights as well as comic relief as often possible.We appreciate your patience and consideration, we can’t wait to launch and begin growing together.


With Love,
The Synchrony Team

Our next Fireside Chat will be tomorrow 12/22/21 @ 8PM EST – in our Telegram Channel t.me/synchronyfi.

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