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Synchrony is the first on-chain copy-trading and composable indexing protocol facilitated by a friendly Solana marketplace explorer. Synchrony enables users to research and perform in-depth analysis into other users’ wallets and the Defi strategies they employ. This analysis grants users the ability to designate the parameters within which users wish to copy-trade, and opens up further opportunities for users to compose and index dynamic sets of tokens and strategies to create algorithmically optimized and automatically rebalancing pools and portfolios. And through our easy-to-navigate front-end, Synchrony provides a holistic view into Solana’s entire ecosystem. 




Synchrony enables users the ability to very simply replicate all the transactions of another user’s wallet into their own, or user’s can define the parameters through which a trade is considered valid for execution and to opt-in to copying only those trades. Comprehensive trade histories, and the strategies deployed, will be available for analysis so users can make much more informed decisions when executing their own trades.


User’s can also take this data and create dynamically composable indexes, whose modularity grants infinite composability. And being that they are programmatically managed, each index is also truly trustless. We believe on-chain copy-trading and composable indexing capabilities open up access to the Defi landscape so users of all experience levels can participate. 


Synchrony’s front-end serves as a friendly Solana marketplace explorer. A holistic suite of tools were tailored to help our user’s do their own research (DYOR), in order to leverage any trader’s experience to maximize profitability. The Defi instruments on offer can be easily delineated by search factors, and with built in side-by-side comparison capabilities, our user’s will be able to find what best suits their financial needs. Synchrony’s dashboard will be equipped with single-click solutions to execute complicated Defi strategies, all behind the scenes. 


Synchrony’s protocol will be supported by our Solana native SPL token, SCY. It serves to unlock staking rewards, premium features, yield farming, and other discounts. The SCY token will be used for limited governance, incentivizing liquidity, wallet validation, and fostering community engagement. 


The Synchrony Development team (Synchrony Labs) is an international team of software architects and engineers with a single shared goal – we want to build useful, lasting, high quality products utilizing blockchain technology. We have decades of experience in traditional finance, software development, blockchain and entrepreneurial ventures.   

Andrew Fraser

Architect, Co-Founder

Andy Keh

Strategist & Full Stack Dev, Co-Founder

Maurice Chalfin

Marketing & Communications

Mohammed Amine Idmoussi

Full Stack Dev & QA


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