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Synchrony is an on-chain copy-trading and composable indexing protocol facilitated by a friendly Solana marketplace and explorer.

While some DeFi users want total control over their trading and investment strategies, others want a more passive role. We also understand that active retail traders underperform the broader markets by 6.5% annually¹. This is why we believe on-chain copy-trading capabilities open up access to the DeFi landscape so users of all experience levels can participate, and that indices can do for asset management, what blockchain and smart contracts do for transactions.

As of 2021, ETFs are an $8 trillion industry and growing at an annual rate of 26%². Over the past 10 years, 82% of fund managers fell short of their S&P 500 benchmark, with 94% failing over 20 years³. Active managers are consistently outperformed by indices, however, there is not enough historical data to definitively say whether or not this holds true for cryptocurrencies and the innovative instruments born from DeFi. What is definitive is that indices are analogues for smart contracts: in the same way that a smart contract’s code can be scrutinized, so can an index’s calculation methodology. Thus, indices are essential for trustless asset management — enabling a simpler, tangible, and quantitatively effective avenue for passive capital growth. These insights illuminated the path forward in innovation for Synchrony.



Synchrony enables users the ability to construct highly configurable indices able to evaluate dynamic sets of tokens, liquidity pools, strategies and other on-chain instruments to create algorithmically optimized and automatically rebalancing pools or portfolios. Copy-trading leverages these indices enabling users to define the parameters for which a copy-trade is valid for execution.



Utilizing Synchrony, users can perform in-depth analysis into other users’ wallets, their on-chain behavior, and the DeFi strategies they employ to make informed decisions with respect to their own trades and strategies.

Bringing a novel change to the usual DeFi experience for both newcomers and veterans alike, Synchrony’s front-end serves as a friendly Solana marketplace and explorer. A holistic suite of tools are tailored to assist users in their research (DYOR) and our dashboard is equipped with single-click solutions to execute complicated DeFi strategies. The DeFi instruments can be easily delineated by search factors, and with built in side-by-side comparison capabilities, our users will be able to find what best suits their financial needs.



Synchrony’s protocol will be supported by our Solana native SPL token, SCY. It serves to unlock staking rewards, premium features, yield farming, and other discounts. The SCY token will be used for limited governance, incentivizing liquidity, wallet validation, and fostering community engagement. Synchrony is optimized for mobile use as a key feature of its platform as this is the first step in equal access to DeFi for the entire globe.


The Roadmap


The Team

Andrew Fraser is Synchrony’s architect. He is a software engineer with close to a decade of experience designing and developing solutions for tier-1 financial institutions. Andrew’s focus has been in execution platforms, algorithmic trading and algorithmic portfolio optimization. Andrew is a former director of a FinTech startup and also ran the fund execution platform for one of Hong Kong’s largest insurers.

Andy Keh is our strategy and user experience lead with over a decade of application and systems development. Andy first dipped his toes into Bitcoin in 2010 while researching cryptography for an R&D Directorship at a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary (H.H. Brown). Andy has also managed operations for a digital marketing startup, where he executed strategies to scale the business and his team.

Mohammed (Med) El Amine Idmoussi is our resident full stack dev and block-geek. Med is a security expert, and he specializes in app integration and quality assurance. Med is working hand in hand with Andy on UI and UX, and having worked on multiple blockchain projects in the not so distant past, Med brings a wealth of block-specific experience to the equation.

Maurice Chalfin is our marketing and community engagement lead. Maurice has been in or around crypto since 2011 when his neighbor showed him an entire apartment filled with home computers mining Bitcoin. Maurice’s career has been focused on client relations, customer service, internal and external communications, as well as community and team building. Maurice is laser focused on fostering a strong community built upon inclusion and positive sum thinking.

While Andrew and Andy founded Synchrony, the team believes the amalgamation of our experiences, ideals, and values sets us apart from the pack. We believe it puts us in a unique position to execute the Synchrony vision from concept to creation, with tact and expertise. Before we were builders, we were all DeFi users ourselves, and we take this user-centric approach when tackling the problems we are working to resolve.

Synchrony is a marriage of our perspectives and ideals, unified in the common purpose to democratize access to DeFi for everyone.

Next Steps

Stay tuned as we will be releasing more details on Synchrony, teasers, community driven experiences, and partnership announcements in the run up to our Demo Day on September 14th, 2021. In the interim, please follow us on Twitter and Telegram, and see our articles on our blog and Medium.


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