Introduction to Synchrony’s IDO on SolRazr

Whitelist opens 12/02/21; SolRazr & the basic details of the IDO

SolRazr is the first decentralized developer ecosystem for Solana that offers users access to a launchpad, an accelerator, and a host of developer tools. The team allows for everyone in the world of crypto willing to develop to participate on the SolRazr platform. SolRazr believes that the true meaning of DeFi is when everyone gets an opportunity to invest in a project that can help shape their lives. SolRazr is built and hosted on Solana, which is the future of DeFi & Web 3.0.

At Synchrony, we believe decentralized finance (DeFi) to be the great financial and social equalizer. And our goal is to reduce, if not dissolve, the barriers to entry for the next wave of users into the ecosystem. SolRazr and their entire team share this common vision, to empower others to shape their futures. They have been incredibly supportive and pivotal in Synchrony’s growth, so naturally we’re both excited and humbled to announce the opening of the Synchrony IDO Whitelist Registration on December 2nd @ 2PM UTC. Check out our listing’s page: 


Please Note: Anyone looking to participate in the IDO will be required to whitelist & pass KYC. We will post a complete article on the full guidelines of the process with our launch on SolRazr shortly.


The Synchrony IDO on SolRazr

  • Token: SCY

  • Accepted: USDC (SPL Token)

  • IDO Token Price: $0.04

  • Total IDO Pool size: $400,000

  • SolRazr Community Pool Size: $300,000 (Requires $SOLR to be staked)

  • Mighty Oak allocation per winning ticket: $300

  • Tree allocation per winning ticket: $250

  • Sapling allocation per winning ticket: $200

  • Seed allocation per winning ticket: $150

  • Soil allocation per winning ticket: $100

  • This is only open for those who have staked $SOLR. 

  • Open Community Pool Size: $100,000

  • Allocation Amount: $50

  • Number of whitelist spots: 2000

  • Requires 4 SOLR (~$10) to be held from whitelist opening until the end of IDO.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Key Dates for the Synchrony IDO on SolRazr:

  • Application for whitelist registration for the IDO opens on December 2nd at 2 PM UTC

  • Whitelist registration closes on December 4th at 2 PM UTC

  • Lottery Winners are announced on December 5th at 2 PM UTC

  • IDO opens on December 6th at 2 PM UTC

  • As part of IDO, whitelist winners will be able to mint NFTs of their winning allocation in exchange for the deposit of USDC. This step will remain open until token distribution begins.

  • NFTs minted from the IDO can be transferred and traded until token distribution begins.

  • Token Distribution on December 17th at 2 PM UTC . Only NFT holders will be able to exchange NFTs for SCY tokens.

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