Synchrony & Dopamine Partner Up!

Synchrony is so excited (and humbled) to announce our partnership with Dopamine! Dopamine is the first end-to-end user-centered crypto mobile app; with over 3 million downloads, and 350k active monthly users! Synchrony is the first truly decentralized asset management platform powered by A.I. & Analytics, offering composable indexing, a holistic suite of analytics tooling, & the first-of-its-kind on-chain copy-trading protocol, all powered by Solana.

Dopamine is a Swiss-based start-up that has created an innovative crypto mobile app allowing users to interact with DeFi protocols, watch their favorite YouTubers, study and scroll through coins, share content, and much more. Dopamine also allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency without using a centralized exchange by incorporating decentralized exchanges into the app. Dopamine is essentially a technologically agnostic DeFi services aggregator that provides users with all of the tools they need to start their crypto journey.

and Dopamine will work together to support, as well as integrate, the $SCY and $DOPE visions, further enabling a broader reach with more opportunities to bring the next wave of users into the DeFi landscape. Stay tuned as we will be updating our communities on what to expect and how to get involved!

About Dopamine
Dopamine App provides crypto-enthusiasts with all the tools they need to begin their journey in the crypto space. Dopamine is a non-custodial and technologically agnostic DeFi services aggregator. Within Dopamine App, users can access all the information they need, interact with their peers, transact on DeFi protocols and access their favorite crypto tools & project. With more than 3 million downloads and 1.5 million active users, Dopamine is one of the leading crypto apps.

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