$SCY Dual Listing on TGE

$SCY Fam,

The time is upon us! Following our IDOs on Solanium (Solanium.io) & SolRazr (SolRazr.com), we are excited to announce that we have confirmed a CEX listing (& Start Up Sale) of $SCY on Gate.io, as well as a DEX listing of $SCY on Raydium. And on 6th January, 2022 @ 1100 UTC, our fusion pool will go live on Raydium. At present, key dates & times are as follows:

TGE: “Token Generation Event” & IDO Distribution 
5th January @ 1400 UTC 
Solanium & SolRazr IDO Participants will have their $SCY distributed directly to their wallets on TGE @ 1400 UTC.

Gate.io (https://gate.io/): CEX Listing + Start Up Sale (IEO) 
Start Up Sale: open for 24hrs starting on 4th January @ 18:00 UTC 
Listing: 5th December @ 1400 UTC

(https://raydium.io/): DEX Listing + Fusion Pool 
Listing: 5th January @ 1400 UTC 
Fusion Pool Opens: 6th January @ 1100 UTC

If you missed the private sale or launch, do not fret, the CEXs and DEXs are a great places to buy, trade, & hodl. You can also earn more through yield farming $SCY on Raydium in our fusion pool, launching 6th January, 2022 @ 1100 UTC! We are delighted to have such high quality exchange partners & we will be adding more over the coming days & weeks, so keep watch as we continue to grow!


Gate.io was founded in 2013 and is one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges to emerge in the industry. It was originally based in China but is now located and headquartered in the United States. With over 180 tokens and more than 350 different markets, it offers plenty of choices from large to small-cap assets.

The exchange also offers spot and margin trading, competitive trading fees, relaxed KYC policies, borrowing and lending, + much more.

To learn more about Gate.io, visit their website.

About Raydium:

Raydium is a leading DEX on the Solana Blockchain, an automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider built for integration with, and utilization of, the Serum central limit order book. Unlike any other AMMs, Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to a central limit orderbook meaning that funds deposited into Raydium are converted into limit orders which sit on Serum’s orderbooks. This gives Raydium LPs access to all of Serum’s order flow as well as their existing liquidity.

To learn more about Raydium, visit their website.

We can’t wait for this journey together! 
-The Synchrony Team

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