Synchrony Tokenomics

Welcome Synchrony Contact Synchrony Tokenomics The Synchrony token shall have the name $SCY and the total initial supply is 1,000,000,000.00 SCY?—?no more shall ever be minted. Team We at Synchrony believe DeFi is the future for finance, and more importantly, we believe that Synchrony will be one of the cornerstones of DeFi. To show our …

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Token Utility by Synchrony

Welcome Synchrony Contact Token Utility by Synchrony Can a token be just as useful by any other name? Nope.  The language and terminology used in the cryptocurrency industry for arbitrary bits of data with transactional value – coins, “cryptos”, bags, and tokens, is often misleading and can be detrimental to retail investors, as well as …

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Synchrony: Aggregation & Analytics Features

Landing Page Synchrony Contact blog Synchrony: Aggregation & Analytics Features With tremendous growth in technology, data has become one of the most valuable and irreplaceable components for any company to collect and analyze. Big Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook collect and aggregate multiple gigabytes of private information (data) on their users. The data …

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Synchrony On-Chain Copy-Trading Features

Landing Page Synchrony Contact blog Synchrony On-Chain Copy-Trading Features What is On-Chain Copy-Trading? On-chain copy-trading is an automatic form of copy-trading that replicates another user’s on-chain transactions — transactions that were done on the blockchain. It enables users to not only input a wallet address and replicate all of its valid transactions in their own …

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Synchrony’s Founding Team

Landing Page Synchrony Contact blog Synchrony’s Founding Team Synchrony is built upon the belief that cryptocurrencies, and DeFi, are the great social and financial equalizers of our time. Yet, we have found that for even the moderately knowledgeable crypto user, the barriers to entry within the space are many, and operating therein can be even …

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